Raegan’s plays include: Things Unsaid, The Reaper, Sweet Nothings, Ill Informed, In a Hole, Appropriate, Timeless: A Scientific Comedy, Shakespeare & Co., and The Dying Declaration of Madge Oberholtzer

The Reaper.jpg

The Reaper

Four nursing home residents confront death in all its terrifying fluffiness.


Timeless: A Scientific Comedy

Four scientists have discovered the secret to eternal youth. They don’t know the oldest member of their team was sent to destroy it.


The Dying Declaration of Madge Oberholtzer

In 1925 a 28-year-old woman testified against the Grand Dragon of the KKK. Based on the true story.



Inspired by the Lord Grey School & Teacher Bae dress code incidents.

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Sweet Nothings

Mary has made the most important discovery of her life. Now no one will leave her alone to enjoy it.


Things Unsaid

A date translated into English.

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Ill Informed

Olivia is really bad at living. Owen is really bad at stalking. Thank God they are going to meet.


In a Hole

Three women wait to hear the fate of their loved ones trapped after a mining disaster. Chaos ensues when confessions come from below.