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What’s so funny about stem cell technology? Comedy tackles a serious topic

Award-winning playwright Raegan Payne’s career began in her grandmother’s basement. 

The Louisville native, who won this year’s Kentucky Women Writers Conference Prize for Women Playwrights, spent many summers at her grandparents’ house in Murray, writing stories for her cousins to act out in the old stone basement…


The Dots Podcast Interview: Raegan Payne says NO!

Raegan talks about lifestyle, storytelling, news, privilege, politics, women’s roles, and being an introvert. She wants to tell stories of people who aren’t stereotypical – people not from the east and west coasts, but from rural communities – stories that deserve to be told. She’s currently working on a play about the Madge Oberholtzer case which was played a critical role in the demise of the second incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan.


Fanbase Press Interviews Tinks Lovelace Director of Theatre and Chill

“Raegan Payne is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter currently in London. I am lucky to have come across her; her voice is contemporary, witty, and full of banter. She writes in a very real and honest way…”


Swan Takes Flight in Santa Monica

For Payne, a native of Kentucky, becoming more involved in L.A.’s theatrical community has cast her in a different — and, for her, more fulfilling — creative circle than most writers trying to break down doors in Hollywood.

As a female playwright, “you are one of the odd men out,” she said. “Most people out here are doing screenwriting, doing television specs. I write plays because I thoroughly enjoy it…”


The Penman Profile: Chat with Raegan

An award-winning, published playwright, Raegan Payne’s work is regularly in production. She is also an actress and strident volunteer. Her efforts in volunteerism are chronicled in her nationally recognized blog, The Good Muse.

Have you always written?
There’s a picture of me trying to type when I was one. I always kept a journal.  When I was in elementary school I would write plays for my brothers and cousins to perform, but I was a horrible producer so the productions weren’t very good.


Playwriting - The Poor Man’s Art Form

“I like being forced to tell a story with just dialogue and almost no resources,” says Payne. “It’s a poor man’s art form, anyone can do it, that’s what I love. Inversely, it should also be accessible for the poor to see and often times it isn’t.”