Pipistel's Electric Plane

Introducing Pipistel’s** all electric plane The Panthera . Not to be confused with the band Pantera . Beside for minor problems with the name this plane might be the coolest little electric hot rod since the Tesla.

The Panthera comes in three models: a fuel-efficient gasoline model with an engine that consumes 40% less fuel than standard engines, a hybrid model, or the electric model.

The 4-seater electric planes range is only 215 miles versus the gas engines 1,150. But do not worry, for those wary of flying in an electric airplane the plane come equipped with a high-speed full air-frame parachute system so the entire aircraft and your person are delivered back to earth safely... Read full article on Celsias

** TheGoodMuse would like to note, that she believes Pipistel sounds like a European beer.  The naming of both company and plane are questionable.

Greening the Film Industry

Last week an unbelievably complex movie set rose out of what use to be the Ballona Wetlands in Los Angeles, CA. The production team of Transformers 3 built one floor of an office building. Utilizing cranes and huge hydraulics they tilted and lifted the floor at odd angles.  As the sun set huge lights illuminated the fake floor replicating daylight and casting eerie shadows on the surrounding hillside.  All in all it was a feat of engineering awesome to behold. Unfortunately, its environmental impact was equal in scale. The entertainment industry sucks up electricity - from building temporary sets, to the water bottles and soda cans at the catering tables it all adds up to a carbon footprint comparable to the textile industry. Realizing that greening up production could save money in a tight economy many... Read Full Article

Mushrooms Replace Fossil Fuels

Inspired by mushroom lovers and TED speakers Paul Stamets (a mycologist) and Eben Bayer (a product designer) I thought it might be a good idea to investigate the ways mushrooms might save the world. First up – Mushrooms as Fuel. It was news to me, that besides being delicious wrapped in pastry dough with cheese, mushrooms can also be made into fuel. Paul Stamets proposes generating cellulose from mycelium (the vegetative part of fungus) to produce a bio-fuel he calls econol. As any hippie knows mushrooms grow extremely fast, sometimes they seem to appear overnight – a trait that gave us the English term “to mushroom.

Though the fruiting body, or mushroom cap... Read Full Article on Celsias

The Mariner Energy Inc. Platform Fire

Located 100 miles south of Vermillion Bay, LA the Mariner Energy Inc. platform is in relatively shallow water only 320 feet vs. the mile deep water of the BP’s notorious Deepwater Horizon Rig (which is only 200 miles east of the M.E. Platform).

13 crewmembers miraculously escaped the platform by jumping into the ocean wearing “gumby suits.” All are currently safe on terra firma. One person was reported injured.

Mariner Energy, Inc., who owns the platform, has been involved in at least 13 incidents in the Gulf of Mexico since...Read Full Article on Celsias