Kidsave Wins and Breaks My Site!

After 15 grueling days of voting you’ve chosen Kidsave to receive the Reader’s Digest $1500. Kidsave supporters voted from around the world and one fan pledged to double the Reader’s Digest award so Kidsave will be receiving $4500 which is amazing and I’m beyond happy for them. I would like to thank all the groups that participated.  You should know that you all have rabid supporters and fans.  They flooded my site and as a result broke it.  Right now we are trying to resolve a technical issue, which reroutes every article to the Award blog unless you click on the title.  YOU BROKE MY FREAKIN SITE!  And honestly, no sarcasm, I’m thrilled. It warms my little heart.

Please carry the enthusiasm that you had for voting into action.  Know that all these groups deserve and need physical and financial support to survive.

Remember…  Without clean water we all die - so thanks Heal The Bay. Our greatness as a species is measured by how we treat other creatures - thanks to The Lange Foundation.  If we don’t educate then we’ll never improve – many thanks to EarthEcho International. If we don’t lift people out of poverty they can’t even consider education - thanks Kiva.  And our children (and they’re all our children) deserve so much more than what we’re leaving them right now - thank you Kidsave.