The Volunteering List

volunteer-finishWith less than two months left I have recently been beset by naysayers who think I can’t do the ten different volunteer activities left by the end of this year. To prove that I have a plan and that this is completely doable for anyone, not just me, here is my projected path for the next two months. This list might change as my original list did because of scheduling conflicts, natural disasters, etc. I am ready for disasters and set backs – I think.

Volunteer Projects List:

1. Teach a cooking class at the Garden School Foundation

2. Trash 4 Teachers

3. Snowy Plover Monitoring with Audubon

4. Kid Save

5. 5 K

6. Bake Sale

7. Build Christmas Carol set with Lake Arrowhead Rep.

8. Animal Acres

9. Angel Tree

10. Hair Donation

The amazing thing is that after one year of volunteering I still haven’t been able to help some of my favorite non-profits or do some of the top volunteer activities on my original list so it looks like this mission will continue...