My Friend Sara Gets to Volunteer with The Colobus Trust in Africa and Work with Monkeys! Jealous...

sarahwithmonkeyWhen economics and the environment collide it’s usually the latter that suffers.  Development in previously undeveloped countries causes habitat and species loss and a domino effect of environmental problems. Kenya is one such country wrestling with balancing the prosperity brought on by increased tourism to the beaches of Dinai and severe habitat loss which threaten one of Kenya’s biggest draws – it’s diverse animal population.

One animal threatened by human encroachment is the Angolan Colobus monkey  . The Colobus is considered a “flagship” species because of it’s dependence on the forest.

Unfortunately, in the last 25 year Dinai has lost 75% of it native forests to development and in just 2 years (from 2004 to 2006) the identified Colobus monkeys in the area dropped from 400 individuals to just... Read More