10 Re-Use Favorites

hammockReducing our consumption is an imperative.  Recycling is now a fact of life, but for some reason we still seem a bit squeamish about reusing.  Perhaps we don’t want to look “cheap” or maybe there’s a stigma in using items others have considered trash.  I believe some of the most inventive solutions and fun items on the market today are repurposed. Here are 10 of the coolest recreated goods from across the web:

1) Sometimes you still need to send a letter instead of an email.  When you dosend snail mail don’t settle for recycled paper take your environmental sustainability one step further with reused map stationary  .  Artist Chris Ryan has to buy 15 tons of outdated maps at a time to keep up with the demand for his one of a kind stationary sets.

2) The Weld House  in Dallas, TX makes ... Read More