Why Do Fish Have Good PR?

dolphinnet“How long have you been like that?”, “You don’t look like a vegetarian.”,

“Don’t you get hungry?”

As a vegetarian it’s almost guaranteed that you will hear the above phrases at least one thousand times during your lifespan.  An entire article could be written about how to answer these questions and why vegetarians are forced to endure them, but right now I want to focus on the most frequently asked question; the question that refuses to go away:“But you eat fish right?”

“No. I don’t eat fish, thank you, just veggies.”  That’s my typical response, but what I’m thinking is: “Why would I eat fish?  Are fish not animals?  Vegetarian means vegetables.  When did fish become a vegetable? Eating fish isn’t safe.  It’s not even that green! Why is eating fish so popular?”

To answer these questions and perhaps spare myself from carbon copied queries I searched the Internet looking for the latest and greatest in fish data.

Here’s what I found: Read complete article here!