A Dirty Subject - Getting the Most from Human Waste

drinkpeeWe have to rethink human waste and we are running out of time to get over the uncomfortable nature of the discussion and come up with real solutions. It’s an understatement to say humans produce a lot of waste. Adult humans produce 1-2 liters of urine a day; if you live to be 70 that’s around 10,000 gallons. Each of us also produces 13 gallons of feces annually - lovely. This overflow of excreta causes big problems. In countries like Zimbabwe lack of basic sanitary facilities leads to massive cholera epidemics. In developed nations like the United States, the aging infrastructure and wasteful sewage treatment system that uses clean water to remove waste is unsustainable.  A few brave individuals and organizations are moving through the muck and trying to find positive uses for one of our most abundant…products. Most of the promising waste solutions lie in...Read More