Operation Shanti

Website: Operation Shanti

Activity types: Fundraising - If you can’t manage to get to India and physically help this organization yourself the next best thing is raising money for them.

Time Required: If you are an attendee of the class about two hours. If you are organizing it you will have a couple of weeks of administrative type work in your spare time.

Skills Required: Basic Physical Fitness (attendee) or A Certified Aerobics/Yoga/Aqua/Pilates/Dance Instructor (organizer).

Attire: For a yoga or exercise benefit wear appropriate exercise attire (example: yoga = long stretchy pants, no shoes, t-shirt). Even if you are the organizer there is no need to dress up.

The Goods: Yoga and Pilates benefits are a great-untapped fundraising source. Why? Because often people will pay top dollar for a good yoga or Pilates class so wouldn’t they rather give their money to a good cause and get to go to a great class.

My Volunteer Journal:

Yoga Benefit for Operation Shanti