Best Friends Animal Society

Website: Best Friends Animal Society

Activity types: Peaceful Puppy Mill Protests, Adopt a Pet, Foster a Pet, Help out at DogTown.

Time Required: A couple of hours on the weekend for protests, foster for a few weeks, adopt a pet for a lifetime of fun, or volunteer at the sanctuary if you live near Kanab, Utah for  a few hours each week.

Skills Required: Love of animals.

Attire: Anything you want, though if your going to be playing with animals jeans are usually the best bet. During a tabling event (i.e. table protest) you want to look approachable.

The Goods: Best Friends is the organization who is featured on the Animal Planet show DogTown.  They helped treat and rehab some of the dogs abused by Michael Vick and associates.

My Volunteer Journal:

Protesting Puppy Mills