Naughty Non-Profits: 7 Eco-Sins

  devilI am about to do something slightly ungrateful, definitely heinous, very uncomfortable, but in the end completely necessary: I'm going to blow the environmental whistle (or horn) on many of the non-profits I've been helping this year.  Let me explain why - I've been trying to complete 50 different volunteer activities before 2010  , which means I have volunteered with a lot of different non-profits in the last few months and unfortunately I have seen disappointing environmental practices at many of them.

Don't misunderstand me, charities do amazing work and help the world in a myriad of ways, but they are under funded, overwhelmed, and under staffed. As some non-profits try to wade through the muck of daily operations their environmental impact is overlooked.  Regrettably, because of this neglect they waste money, lose relevance, and in some extreme cases possibly lose volunteers and supporters.  I am not going to list names, but I am going to list some very real and very disappointing transgressions against the earth that I have witnessed in my volunteer work so far...Read Full Article.