The Lange Foundation

Website: The Lange Foundation

Activity types: Walking dogs, Brushing cats, Playing with cute animals, Fostering dogs and cats

Time Required: You can visit during your lunch break to walk the dogs, spend a few hours one afternoon playing with the animals, or you can be a foster parent for days, weeks or months.

Skills Required: Love of animals, it’s best to not have severe pet dander allergies.

Attire: Jeans and tennis shoes if your staying to play, if your just coming in to walk the dogs during lunch business clothes are fine.

The Goods: Spending time with any animal is a great way to de-stress. Fostering is a great way to find a new pet because as a foster parent you get first dibs on the animal you have been keeping.

My Volunteer Journal:

Fostering Six Tiny Kittens Day 1

Fostering Day 2

Fostering Day 3

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