The Red Cross

Website: The American Red Cross

Activity types: Give blood, Give plasma, Help with disaster recovery, and so much more…

Time Required: Giving blood only takes an hour or two, plasma takes a bit longer than blood.  To be a member of the disaster services team you have to go through training and then there are regular meetings, but you are on the front lines when a disaster strikes doing tremendous good.

Skills Required: If you want to give blood you can’t be anemic (they will test you for this). You do have to pass a medical screening for the plasma and blood. 

Attire: When you give blood and plasma make sure you wear a shirt that can easily be pushed up over your elbow.

The Goods: This awe inspiring group moves in during the most desperate times to help those who are suffering.  Interesting fact: Did you know the Red Cross functions under a code of neutrality meaning they cannot take sides in any conflict or deny help to anyone regardless of sex, religion, race, etc.?  Pretty cool!

My Volunteer Journal:

Giving Blood Without Crying