Heal the Bay

Website: Heal The Bay

Activity types: Coastal Cleanups, Stream Restoration, Water Quality Testing

Time Required: Water testing is a once a month and you will also have a few days of on the “job” training. Restorations and cleanups usually start with a quick orientation that lasts a few minutes. You can do restorations and cleanups once or as often as you like.

Skills Required: Small amount of grace (physical), Common sense, Love of dirt a plus

Attire: Old Jeans, T-shirts, Layers, Closed toe shoes. The beach clean ups can be warm, but also dirty so dress in layers and be ready to strip.

The Goods: Bring friends on cleanups and restorations. Bring your adventurous side for water testing.

My Volunteer Journal:

Coastal Cleanup with Heal the Bay

Stream Restoration with Heal The Bay

Water Testing with Heal The Bay