My Volunteer Journal: Episode 18 – Fostering Six Tiny Kittens Day 3 and Beyond


 Day 3 - All’s Good 

Messy, messy, messy!  I have a damp cloth and I am trying to wipe food from the muzzle of a wiggly kitten.  The good news is the kittens are thriving.  They have all started eating out of their bowl, using the litter box, and running around full speed slamming into walls.  The bad news is they are messy.  They lay in their food as they eat.  With full bellies and messy chests and faces they then try to knock each other out.  They hiss and spit at each other and my feet – very funny coming out of something that could fit in a teacup. They also like to kick the litter out of their box as they cover their business with gusto. They emerge from the litter box with gravel caked to their food covered bodies and what seems to be tiny satisfied grins on their faces.  This behavior is why I am brandishing a washcloth chasing a tiny cat as it zips and dives under cabinets and chairs. Gotta love a healthy kitten.

The kittens return to the Lange Foundation this Friday to join the large population of cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs waiting for adoption.  I wish I could adopt all my foster kittens – though messy they are sweet and funny. Every time I walk into their room they scream with joy and run out of their carrier towards me in a little herd.

Fostering a cat or dog allows a rescue group to save more animals from euthanasia because you are freeing up valuable space.  To start fostering contact your local shelter.