My Stuff Bags Foundation

Website: My Stuff Bags Foundation Activity types: Stuff Bags, Make items like blankets for the bags (making items can be done at home and mailed).


                    5347 Sterling Center Drive                     Westlake Village, CA 91361                      Phone: 818-865-3860                      866-3my-stuff (toll free)

Time Required: One morning during the week (about 4 hours), a few hours at home, or a regular time commitment.  

Skills Required: Willingness to stuff bags, make blankets or knit hats

Attire: Anything you like.  

The Goods: Have you ever wondered what to do with pesky travel size shampoos and soaps from hotels – box them up and mail them to MyStuffBags – they will go in the toiletry kits for the kids!

My Volunteer Journal:  My Stuff Bags

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