My Volunteer Journal: Episode 18 – Fostering Six Tiny Kittens Day 2

kitten-groupSorry didn’t publish this yesterday I got caught up in my birthday, but here is the update…

Day 2 – And They're Off

Ear-piercing screams are not the best way to start a morning, but when the cries come from kittens, which looked terribly ill the day before, it’s an awesome sound.  The kittens were up, alert, and very vocal after sleeping soundly the entire night. I got each screaming tike to take some food from a syringe and two of the bigger ones were so hungry they went right for the can - excellent behavior, since the goal is to get them all weaned and healthy enough to be adopted.

After meal time the squeaks stopped and the wiggling began.  They run like bow legged drunks. During this frolicking I named them: the gray twins are Bull and Bear because of their fearlessness (the Market twins if you will), the runt is Mouse because well she is literally the size of one, the calico is Moose, the fluffy bouncy tabby is Tigger, and the black kitten is Paz cause she is so calm.

The gunky eyes from the day before are clear and open, but I believe their eyesight is still developing because they repeatedly slam themselves into every stationary object.

Mouse is too small, she refuses to eat from a bowl and is not litter trained unlike her siblings. She does have the loudest voice though so hopefully she will catch up.