Resistance Reading List 2

#Resistance reading list! My ongoing pursuit to read more work by women, POC, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQIA:

"Bird by bird" - Anne Lamott (funny how to on writing)

"Crumbs from the Table of Joy" - Lynn Nottage "poof!" -Lynn Nottage "Por'knockers" - Lynn Nottage "Mud, river, stone" - Lynn Nottage "Las Meninas" - Lynn Nottage (Amazing Must Read Play)

"God's Ear" - Jenny Schwartz (few things as cool as opening a play and seeing your friend thanked in the forward - looking at you Raymond McAnally)

"Born a Crime" - Trevor Noah (if you are interested in learning more about apartheid this is a good source)

"My Own Words" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg (heavy read but the RBG is blow your mind impressive)

And because I'm a dorky Sherlockian:

"Mycroft Holmes" - Kareem Abdul Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse (sigh. I had a few issues with this -the Holmes boys do not fall in love! But all in all it works. Yes, like the basketball player. He's clearly a dork as well.)

For those that gave me suggestions last time I will be reading those next! I already had these stacked beside my bed.