Eco Friendly Eating Out Options

organic-to-go I love eating out a much as anyone, but the negative environmental impact of the activity (wasted food, Styrofoam takeout containers, ingredients of indeterminable origin) has never been that savory to me. Eating out has become a key part of our culture, whether it's done during first dates, business meetings, or a birthday celebration, it's not going away anytime soon and will continue to have a negative impact on our environment. So recently I set out to find restaurants or fast food establishments which are both delicious and eco friendly.   Pizza Fusion  's organic pizza will soon be available across the U.S.. They opened their doors in July 2006 and already have 75 franchises in the works. Soon people in states such as Pennsylvania, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, and California will be able to push aside the Dominoes and Pizza Huts and dial up Pizza Fusion for an eco friendlier pizza. ...Read More