Volunteer Journal #88 - Central Kentucky Radio Eye

Listening to the radio with my brother... When I heard about a little radio station in Kentucky called Central Kentucky Radio Eye, which uses volunteers to read printed news stories for the blind I immediately wanted to help out.  Besides being from Kentucky, I like to read :)

I contacted them and they had another suggestion - why don't I tell stories from TheGoodMuse and some new ones to break up their regular news programming.

Thus followed anxiety where I pondered over the right stories to tell and then how was I going to record it without knowing anything about recording.

Then I realized I needed to get over it.  I was doing this for other people.  No time for ego trippin'.

So one night I sat down at my computer, hit record on the GarageBand program, and tried to keep the cat off the pages I was reading.  You can hear the results.  One take, no edits, just me reading stories about growing up in Kentucky, living in California, and some adventures - volunteering and otherwise.  I hope it sounds okay.

You can listen to it live 5:30pm EST on June 25th, 2013 HERE


Here's a link to the stories: