New Years Resolutions: The Scavenger Hunt Edition

baby_treeTime to recommit yourself to a better body, mind, soul, etc. the New Year is upon us!  To help you reach all of these goals and help the planet I have composed a list of ten - yes 10! easy New Years Resolutions. Do not fret - some of these activities you will only participate in 1 day out of the year.  I challenge everyone who reads this to finish the list by the end of 2009 and then write us at Celsias and tell us about the adventures that ensued.  Think of it as a yearlong scavenger hunt if you want to have more fun.  As I see it people never keep their New Years Resolutions but everybody finishes a scavenger hunt.  So on your mark. Get set. Go... 1)      Swap or Freecycle instead of buying at least one item that you "need" this year. Looking for a new coffee table, a beautiful scarf, or the latest best seller? Search no further than your local freecycle or swap groups. Popping up all over the world...Read More