Volunteer Journal #79 – The Election

I did this for you America. I volunteered at an election phone bank. I would rather submit to multiple paper cuts or lick a cactus.

The idea if interrupting people at home during quiet time is repugnant, but it was that or sell campaign merchandise (and you know how I feel about the environmental blight that is t-shirt and button printing by orgs.).

In the fairness of this blog and to further the idea that I am suppose to elucidate a variety of volunteer experiences I dragged myself to the local campaign center of my choice*, which just happened to be at an empty studio at the Culver City Studios.

After doing a bit of research I discovered that YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE PHONE CALLS TO VOLUNTEER AT AN ELECTION PHONE BANK. Yes. True. So, I emailed ahead and said I didn’t know how to talk on the phone. Could I do data entry? The response was, “Sure, bring your laptop.”

I walk in to the studio, sign my name and they say, “Hey we’re kinda covered on data entry can you do phone calls?”

Noooooooooooo. “Sure,” I said.

Dragging my feet over to the phone training area I mentally blamed the candidate for his inefficient staffing.

When the phone bank trainer asked if there were questions I hopped up, “I’m here for data entry. That’s my question.” They sent me to the back of the room.

In reality, data entry in a campaign office turned out not to be that boring. The only comment I have to make is: HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE STILL UNDECIDED?!?!?!? Read something! Pick an issue! Cue true/hilarious SNL skit.

Doing the walk of shame home (Called the walk of shame because I forgot to take my name tag off) I talked to a nice girl I met in data entry that really loved the energy and camaraderie of a campaign office. She loved it, but political volunteering is just not for me. The point is to try.

* I will not tell you for which campaign I volunteered. I think if you’ve read my blog and looked at the pictures you might be able to figure it out, but for heaven sake go figure out your own political opinion.