Biomass Energy Set Back

A brief follow up to my article last month on biomass energy with a look at one of the most innovative projects proposed in the United Kingdom who’s fate now hangs in limbo.  A blending of art, function, and ecology the project known as BEI-Teesside could have brought much needed notoriety to biomass energy, revitalized a small town, and produced cleaner energy to thousands.  Now the project seems to be scrapped after BioEnergy Investments Ltd. started liquidating assets on June 8th. The company had postponed the project in 2011 indefinitely unless it received funding help from the government. The esthetics of biomass plant design were upgrading with examples like Hinton Cook ’s station abounding.  But the Teesside Power Station , an exciting collaboration between Bio Energy Investments Ltd. (BEI) and celebrated architect Thomas Heatherwick’s Heatherwick Studio , generated... Read Full Article on Celsias