The Island President

“The Island President” is that rare film, which is as effective an enviro-political documentary as tourism video.

Wandering into the theatre to see the tale of former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed , and his fight to save his nation from rising sea levels, I left with a burning desire to spend a week on one of the Maldives ’ quickly eroding white sand beaches.  Soon, it might be impossible to visit this stunning archipelago in the Indian Ocean; the islands are disappearing due to rapidly rising sea levels, a result of climate change.

Opening on the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference or COP15 “The Island President” follows Nasheed as he tries to convince the world to cut carbon dioxide levels to the scientifically recommended 350 parts per million .  The current level of atmospheric CO2 is 392 ppm.  Elevated temperature and changing weather patterns around the low-lying Maldives has already caused large amounts of land loss. Well-spoken and charismatic during the conference, Nasheed faced opposition from... Read More