TGMuse Explains:The Lamest Thing About Volunteering?

After an in-depth investigation of male hostility towards Jane Austen and adoration of  all things thong we return this week to the focus of this blog and answer...

What is the lamest thing about volunteering? And how do we fix it.

Shockingly, the answer isn't waking up early on a Saturday or Sunday, which is often on the top of my personal "I hate this about volunteering" list.  Why someone can't schedule a beach cleanup from 5-8pm or right before sunset is beyond me.  It's the prettiest time of day!

Back on topic -

The lamest thing about volunteering is when one non-profit unintentionally or intentionally hurts another non-profit.  It happens more often than anyone can imagine. I wrote about this in my most popular article of all time Naughty Non-Profits: 7 Eco Sins. Most often it's a  group wrecking the environmental because of an oversight, but sometimes it's a direct battle like the war between many feral cat associations and the Audubon Society.

The only example I will sight is from one of my latest volunteering adventures - walking a 10K for AIDS Walk LA.  It's an incredible event which raised  over 3 million dollars to help those living with HIV and AIDS.  One of the best parts of the day was that all along the walk route there were volunteers handing out yummy snacks. I think I ate everything offered  - free ice cream (hello).  But the organizers of the event did not provided enough trash and recycling. Hundreds maybe thousands of  bottles littered the ground. I'm sure they had a clean up crew coming in behind us but still... The snacks themselves were in single size containers - an environmental blight.

So... The lamest thing about volunteering is often charities become so focused on their individual mission that they miss the big picture.  It's about helping everyone and thus helping yourself, not helping yourself at the expense of everyone.

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