Volunteer Journal #66 – AIDS Walk LA

If AIDS Walk LA (which raised over 3 million dollars to benefit people living with HIV) was a video game it would go something like this:

Your car zooms through the back street of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills avoiding the mass of traffic trying to get into free parking at the Beverly Center. Get into free parking (100 points). Park on the street (20 points).  Get a ticket (-100.)

You hop out of the car and remember your sunscreen, comfy shoes,  baseball hat, and camera (50 points). You jump out of your car as a fabulous drag queen (100 points).

Dodge 30,000 people to check in at the West Hollywood library and get your official button ( 100).

Listen to the celebrity speakers on the mainstage, understand them, and be able to twitter what they're saying (100 points).

Start walking 10k aka 6.2 miles down the largest streets in Los Angeles. Get free hugs and high fives from volunteers and cute nursing home residents along the way - total possible (500 points.)

Ignore angry ignorant protestors who still somehow don't know how AIDS is transmitted (50 points).  If you engage (-200) and your sent backwards to Mordor for a level.

Reapply Sunscreen (50 points), Burn in the Heat (-100.)

Take pictures with the fabulousness that is WeHo Cheer  - the official West Hollywood Good Will Ambassadors (250 points).

Grab yummy free snacks and beverages from volunteers along the way - fresh orange juice (25 points), ice cream (-25).

Reward the guy with the single most brilliant idea in the whole race. He set up his own private recycling station a few blocks after free water and Gatorade were handed out. Toss your empty bottles in his baskets (10 points each) if your bottle ends up on the ground (-25) and a sea creature dies in another game.

Finish with more big hugs and drag queen pictures. (500 points!)

In Summary:

After my somewhat disastrous 5K, where I finished with an amazing time and then ended up sick the rest of the day, I was less than eager to do another race for charity, but this 10K walk was a breeze.

AIDS Walk LA benefits APLA a group dedicated to improving the lives of people living with HIV and reducing the spread of the disease.