How I Spent My Summer Vacation by TheGoodMuse

For the kiddies starting back to school.

I didn’t do anything really major this summer. Nothing really.  Just went to Alaska to see my plays done in Valdez.  Then produced “The Reaper,” “Things Unsaid,” and “Sweet Nothings” with a star studded cast in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  I worked with legendary actors Robert Pine, Peter Jason, Jane Heitz, and April Shawhan and soon to be legendary Scott Bloom, Catero Colbert, Nick Giordano, Taylor Treadwell, Dana Daurey, and Shay Astar.  I even had a Special Musical Guest Trey Green play with Jon Sosin! (Trey did owe me since I got practically naked in his music video, but I digress.) And then I…


Excitement abounds. Am crazy real playwright now like Wilde, Moliere, Williams, and, dare I say it, Shakespeare. Except… I’m alive! Completely [happy sigh]. Sorry, I was discussing? Oh yes…

I also mean this to be an apology of sorts because I totally dropped the muse ball. Now that it’s fall I’m back on it and plan to work with the Trevor Project, Pablove, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, and I’m doing a freakin polar bear jump within the year. Promise.

I would also like to say that I’m switching the mission of TheGoodMuse just a bit.  Instead of just looking for different kinds of groups to support (i.e. KidSave, TreePeople, FoodForward) I will now be working with groups who maybe have the same mission as another just different styles (Heavenly Creatures/Lange Foundation or Surfrider/Heal the Bay).

So send on your suggestions. Let’s see what ya got.