My Volunteering Journal: Mission 50 – 50 Different Volunteer Activities by 2010

pa I have a new personal goal - complete 50 different volunteer activities before 2010. I have mentioned on this blog before that my goal last year was one volunteer activity a month.  I decided to up the ante this year.  Why?  Because 50 is do-able.  Because I really love volunteering for these different organizations. But most of all…

I want to do this as a tribute to my grandfather. “Pa” died in December last year. My grandfather might just be the greatest man that ever lived.  At his funeral his minister said, “I would rather have lived Buddy Colson’s life than to have built the pyramids.”  My grandfather was a World War II vet and hero, a father, donut shop owner, volunteer, and so much more.  He was always kind, but never called attention to his goodness.

So…you see…there is more than a little irony in this proposed tribute.  I volunteer for organizations and then call attention to it by writing about my little adventures for the world to read.

pa-and-raeganThe truth is I started writing about volunteer activities because one day when I asked someone to join me at a soup kitchen they were apprehensive.  They were scared of the unknown: What would we be doing? How long would it take? Would they get dirty? What if they didn’t know how to cook?

It occurred to me after that conversation that more people might volunteer if they knew what to expect, if they had a first hand account, so I set out to answer questions.  What types of activities can you do?  Who do you help?  How long does it take?  Do you get dirty?  What is the orientation process?

If one person reads one of the 50 volunteer stories and is persuaded to get involved with a local non-profit then mission accomplished.