Why Can't Everyday be Carmaggedon?

On July 16th and 17th, Los Angeles, CA, a city built for the automobile, braced for a predicted disaster known worldwide as Carmaggedon. A ten-mile stretch of the infamous 405 Freeway would be closed for 53 hours due to construction. The shut down section, between the 10 Freeway and 101 Freeway interchanges, normally sees almost 500,000 cars on a summer weekend. When Angelenos (myself included) found out about the impending closure during tourist season we panicked like Godzilla had just walked onshore. The month preceding the closure saw 4 million car dependant residents go into full on orange terror alert mode – buying emergency groceries, flights from Long Beach to Burbank Airports (40 miles apart), and preparing to hole up in their homes for the entire weekend, maybe with boarded up windows, just in case looters showed up.

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