UPDATE! Volunteer Journal #38 – KIVA.org

I love Kiva.org. I do! It's the gift that keeps on giving.  Over a year ago, for Episode 38, I loaned $25 through Kiva to help a group of women in Uganda who wanted to start a used clothing business.  They paid me back in a matter of months.  Then I loaned to a young woman in Lebanon who owned a farm and wanted to improve her crops.  She took a bit longer but paid me back none the less.  Now I have passed the loan on to a woman in Ghana who wants to sell used cloths. The cycle continues! The Lion King was correct.  I'm a bank.  A financial institution. President of my own baby hedge fund.  I'm like Donald Trump only younger, with better hair, and sense of propriety.  You must all go out and try the Kiva high for yourself - I highly recommend it.