Volunteer Journal #63 – Japan Tsunami

Here is a simple way to help Japan for shop owners across the US. Whether you sell services (like a spa) or goods (like a bakery or a toy store) you can donate a service or item for raffle, charge your patrons $1 to enter, set up a box at checkout in which to collect all the tickets (tickets can be purchased at office supply stores), donate earned raffle cash to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund or The Salvation Army “Japan Earthquake Relief.” Both groups are on the ground in Japan bringing relief to the tsunami/earthquake/nuclear refugees.

I partnered with Verabella Skin Care Spa in Beverly Hills to do a raffle because they had been so accommodating and giving during the Food Drive we organized in Beverly Hills during Thanksgiving. Vera, Verabella owner and aesthetician to the stars (clients include Diana Lane and Steve Martin) donated one of her Perfect Lift Facials, which is valued at $350. I decorated a little box for the front desk and handed out flyers in the neighborhood. The staff is promoting the raffle to all customers and sold tickets at there annual Spring Cleaning Party. In the first week we’ve raised quite a bit of cash, not enough obviously, but every little bit helps.

Raffles are not brain surgery and they don’t take a lot of time to execute. Most businesses can set one up in minutes.

Setting up a raffle diminished the feeling of helplessness I experienced while watching the news last week. Here’s hoping it does the same for you.