Remembering the Gulf of Mexico Before the BP Oil Spill

Let me tell you about the Gulf before the oil spill.  For decades Panama City Beach, Florida was my sanctuary. To this day I can sit in my room in Los Angeles, CA and remember what the air smelled like; salt, seaweed, and sulfur - and if my mom was around - Ban de Sole coconut oil.  Some might think these are unpleasant smells mixed together, but to this day if I smell anything similar my heart rate plummets to a relaxing thud and I’ll smile. I was two weeks old when I first went to Panama City Beach.  My parents took me in the ocean from the very beginning and because of that I was never afraid.  Instead my parents’ challenge was to instill a healthy respect, as I would go swimming out...Read Full Article on Celsias

(Picture: Sunset from my grandparents' balcony)