UPDATE! My Volunteer Journal: Episode 38 – KIVA.org The Easiest Way To Volunteer

money-treeDoubting Toms - I have proven you wrong yet again! KIVA.orgVolunteer Journal #38 for those of you who need to read up - worked. Totally worked and was easy. I kid you not. Nothing to be scared of dear ones. No, I’m not on their payroll. Thing is… you should always give credit where credit is due and this organization is genius so they are going to get some mad props from me right now…

KIVA.org combines microfinance with the internet to enable people to lend small amounts (or large if you are so entitled) to entrepreneurs in other countries. Simply put - Kiva alleviates poverty by helping small business owners in impoverished countries.

I made a Kiva loan in October to a group of women in Uganda who wanted to sell used clothing. Very resourceful of them. Any who… they paid me and all their other lenders back in full in only a few months so I have now loaned out money again to a single woman in Lebanon who is a farmer. She has also started to pay me back and then I will lend the money out again cause it’s fun.

You can also give KIVA gift certificates as presents - if my brother read my blog he would know what he was getting as a law school graduation present. Okay. I’ll give him a break he has exams. Yes, I should probably get him something more fun since he’s been serious for 3 years straight, but if I know Austin, and I do, I think he’ll love it.