My Volunteer Journal: Episode 51 – Streetwalking for the Greater Good

ffwoodcrate1One of the most head slapping-ly logical groups I helped last year was Food Forward. Their brilliant concept boils down to – You have fruit trees in your yard that need picking. We have hungry people in LA. We will come pick your tree for free, give you tax credit, and give the fruit to the hungry. Problems solved. I picked oranges with them in July and ever since then I have been halfway obsessed with unpicked fruit trees of any kind. I walk around my neighborhood in a twist over orange and lemon trees which are practically suffocating under the weight of fruit which could make gallons upon gallons of juice, jellies, or pies (pies are clearly the best choice).

To pacify my tree issues I volunteered to pass out Food Forward flyers, which explain the groups mission and services. All I had to do was place it on the doorstep of those people who have loaded trees during my usual walk. Some people might feel this is akin to putting “thanks for destroying the planet” signs on Hummer windshields, but I think not because it is offering free gardening services and does not say, “Hey noticed you were wasting food.”

I recruited my friend Christina, it took less than an hour to pass out 50 brochures, we got tons of exercise and we now know were to go to steal a lime or lemon for guacamole if we forget one at the store. So many problems solved. So little time. Now let’s just hope someone calls Food Forward to get their tree picked. Food Forward 818-530-4125 – just in case you need it.