Waste & Want: How Wal-Mart & H&M Destroy Unsold Clothes Instead of Donating

clothes2Let’s pretend you’re a big clothing retail chain who’s a bit profit minded and unscrupulous because you’re a corporation and you answer to share holders.  Naturally, you wouldn’t want the poor to be seen in your clothes.  It sends the wrong message if your sportswear can be bought by anyone. You definitely don’t want your product ending up in the hands of those in poverty or, heaven forbid, people in the grip of a natural disaster, like say an earthquake in Haiti. Lord knows what would happen to your market share if your clothes turned up in an Associated Press picture on a starving person and that picture was distributed widely.  What’s a corporation to do?  How can they keep their clothes from being seen as inexpensive, cheap, and accessible to everyone?

If your Wal-Mart and H & M the answer seems to be: damage your unsold merchandise so it’s worthless and then dump it to create ... Read More